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When tasked to create a mock commercial for a brand of your choice, choosing Ford was an easy decision for me. Although I have never owned one, I love the F150 line, especially the Raptors.


I originally found inspiration for this project from one of my favorite YouTubers, Peter Mckinnon, who also repurposed content from the ​Ford Media Center Website. 

For this commercial, it was important to me to highlight the main selling aspects of the truck in an upbeat and adventurous tone to mimic the experience of owning a Ford Raptor. 

This 30-second commercial would be featured on TV first, then uploaded to the Ford YouTube channel. 

My roles: Video Editor, Animator and Social Strategist

This project was created using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

*The audio used is called "Rock Sport Extreme" by Infraction, I do not assume credit for the video or audio in this composition*


Ford Commercial Storyboard
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