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Why do you travel and create video content? What motivates you to get out of bed and hit record? These are the kinds of things GoPro wants to know about their users. What about our products and brand is so special? Why do you use GoPro?

'What's Your "Why"' is a mock giveaway campaign where users would submit videos featuring why they use a GoPro camera with the hashtag "#mygoprowhy" for a chance to win a Volta tripod, a Daytripper Backpack, and a Sparrow Lightweight Water Resistant Windbreaker. Three individuals would be picked to win. 

This campaign would be announced as an Instagram carousel, featured as the landing page on the GoPro website until the deadline arrived, and posted as walking billboards in popular areas for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

Proper implication of this campaign would result in an increase in user engagement; this would be measured through likes, comments, shares, story reposts, and submissions to the contest. 

My roles: Art Director, Graphic Designer and Social Strategist


This project was created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

*The photography in this project is outsourced from various artists on Adobe Stock and the GoPro instagram account, I do not assume credit for the photography in these compositions*

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